International Centre for Clean Water

One Day Interactive Session: Rainwater Harvesting

Event Details:

ICCW conducted one-day interactive session on rainwater harvesting

theme: techniques, case studies and strategies for effective implementation addressing traditional methods, need for radical awareness and perspective, and simple guidelines.

July 12, 2019

Speakers: Mr A R Shivakumar, Mr Gopinath, Mr Shekar Raghavan, Mr Harsha Koda and Ms Deepa Koda, and Smt Shanta Sheela

Moderator: Mr Sripati Cowlagi

Rain water harvesting workshop initiated with a lesson to unlearn certain things pertaining to water that is taken for granted. The scare to fresh-water availability is uncalled for when there is plenty of ‘rainwater’ to harvest in countries like India. We need to plan, capture, and equitably distribute the water among all life!

Our people’s architectural skills and engineering ingenuity is demonstrated in the traditional water harvesting structures still existing all over the Indian peninsular region. However, these time-tested boons are not replicated and with time, the wisdom is forgotten and lost.

Strategies for effective implementation of the rainwater harvesting systems, planning the structure, and creating awareness through outreach programs and pledges were mainly discoursed upon.

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A pocket guide on rainwater harvesting – from ICCW is under production.

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