International Centre for Clean Water

Data analytics

Drive innovation in technology and management

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ICCW provides a range of solutions based on data science. Data on diverse aspects of water collected, managed and processed at various levels, from the village to districts and states can result in a water-literate society; we promote services on:

  • Water networks
  • Water utilization patterns
  • Smart control of water services
  • Digital platform for water security

All the water purification plants across the country can be dynamically monitored. It provides online data of clean water of the country. This leads to an understanding of water consumption, water wastage, health, water-based diseases, etc. Solutions to monitor water leakages, water-quality analysis-based health issues, water planning and management, etc. Can be developed with such information. This will be an added feature of an informed society.

Data Analytics in the water sector will shape the resilience of the water networks in the country and help innovate technologies.