International Centre for Clean Water

Our Engagement Models

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Any water-related problem needs well-planned approach, meticulous research, technological solutions and thoughtful implementation. Engagement models of ICCW are evolved considering all of these.

Consortium membership is available for organizations active in water-sector, who would like to access ICCW facilities and resources. Membership categories are created to engage diverse requirements of the membership seeker:
Platinum membership – the member will be part of the Research Advisory Board, to direct policies of ICCW and have access to ICCW resources; with additional benefits;
Gold membership – the member will be part of the Research Advisory Board with access to ICCW resources; and
Silver membership – the member will have access to ICCW resources.

All members will have access to ICCW facilities at subsidized rates, receive information on various events and get invited, and to have access to knowledge generated at ICCW. They will also be members of the ICCW
general body meeting.

ICCW invites individuals, industries, corporates and NGOs to have joint development projects where the expenses are met by the sponsors. The facility and technology created will be utilized jointly.

This may involve turn-key projects, for example, water quality issues can be taken up by the ICCW team from the concept stage to fullscale implementation.

ICCW team can provide consultancy services for water-related solutions.

For engagement, please contact us.