International Centre for Clean Water

ICCW Story

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The International Center for Clean Water (ICCW) is a dream to realize that water can change economies; a dream to ensure that clean water is delivered to all and a dream where the youth can build their careers in and around water. The quintessence of the dream is the realization of a structure in physical dimensions made by earth, soul and sweat. This led to the thought – what do we do to make this kind of a structure available for the country?

“Initially, efforts to create such a space for water were met with criticism. There was light at the end of a tunnel – when at a meeting with the renowned business icon and eminent banker, Mr Deepak Parekh took place at his office on April 19, 2017”, Professor Pradeep recalled. On January 28, 2018, the HT Parekh Foundation granted support to IITM for setting up of ICCW. The IIT Madras Board of Governors granted permission for the establishment of ICCW as a society. The society was registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies act on June 25, 2018.


ICCW has been fortunate to receive a path-breaking gift from the H T Parekh Foundation, creating history in transforming the water story of the nation, and the rest of the world.

The thought to create a centre for water research, directed to innovation and social transformation is being pursued intensely with several collaborators. From several considerations, the ideal home for setting up ICCW was thought to be the most happening place, the IITM Research Park.

“Much more work is needed to take advanced materials and associated technologies to water and environment in general,” Pradeep said pointing into the future.