International Centre for Clean Water

About Us

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A place to ideate, nurture and translate disruptive technologies for sustainable clean water

International Centre for Clean Water (ICCW) is an initiative by Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IITM) started in 2018, located in IITM Research Park, Chennai, India.  A bridge between industry and academia, ICCW is a network of eminent water professionals; it considers being the first of its kind and has been established with the objective of creating water professionals for tomorrow.

ICCW houses state of the art equipment needed for water research, product design, incubation and pilot production, with associated technical, financial and legal services to nurture innovation. ICCW with its partners across the government, co-operatives, NGOs, and industries will shape the path of delivering clean water through sustainable means.

Specific ICCW actions include:

  • to bring together scientific minds across the globe to converge under one roof,
  • to develop integrated water research, nurture technologies and incubate companies,
  • to build a network across academia and industry,
  • to strengthen the socio-economic linkages related to water at the grassroots across the country,
  • to provide trained water professionals and to encourage water sustainability approaches.