International Centre for Clean Water

Development of a low-cost, test-strip based arsenic sensor

Low-cost reagent free arsenic sensor

The major goal of this project is to develop a test-strip based sensor for arsenic in groundwater. This project is coming up in collaboration with IIT Madras and sensing element, a test-strip based sensor has been validated through a large amount of data collection. The proposed device will be similar to blood glucose sensors widely used by diabetes patients. The ease of use in such device and lower cost of the test-strip makes this technology most suitable option for field testing. The major benefit of this technology is that it is reagent free and allows reuse of the test-strip > 50 times. The cost per assay is negligible due to the reusability of the test strip. This device will be developed as a standalone device as well as a device which can be used with a smartphone. For further development of this technology, we are looking for a funding of ~32 lakhs for an 18 months project.