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Water Footprint – certificate online program for school children

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This course is part of our new Awareness Program with Children.

Online certificate program – convened by IIT Madras (Indian Institute of Technology, Madras), ICCW (International Centre for Clean Water) and DWF (Danish Water Forum)


This course is based on a clear vision: awareness and knowledge sharing on water footprint among school children. Our children being our future, and also the torch bearers for a sustainable world, we are responsible to bring about an awareness on sustainable living. This new and exciting course will cover key concepts on Water Footprint.

In our actions that accelerate climate change, water (United Nations Sustainable Development Goal -UNSDG #6) forms one of the core movers. The anthropogenic activities that impact the hydrological cycle and consume fresh water resources need to be curtailed. For doing so, water footprint is an essential tool. It is important to understand the water footprint of all our activities, products, establishments and lifestyle. This course is designed to initiate an understanding of water footprint for school children, in the most lucid and interesting way.

What is Water Footprint and the unexpected paths it leads to Why is it critical to find water footprint and investigate ways to reduce it Why new perspectives on the subject are needed today and what are they How to implement the knowledge gained towards collective problem solving and generate new ideas


By engaging in this online certificate program, students will:

  • develop independent perspective
  • grow as responsible, confident leaders of tomorrow
  • awareness of a career path as a water professional
  • get introduced to a wide range of aspects related to water
  • learn to account for consumption
  • participate in group activities and build their writing and speaking abilities
  • have an opportunity to engage with like-minded people
  • enhance their creativity and presentation skills
  • have a happy and memorable learning experience


The program runs in batches. The first batch starts shortly. Please join the OPEN FORUM for parents and educators on Monday, Oct 19, 2020 at 5.30-6.30 pm IST to know more and discuss with the organizers.


  • will be selected to join our internship program to be part of on-going programs
  • reads and learns research papers, watch related-videos in the week to understand the concept
  • writes and submits a review after the completion of course
  • participates in the interact session with faculty
  • will present on the last day of the programme
  • receives a Certificate of Achievement endorsed by IIT Madras, ICCW and DWF


Day 1. Water footprint: An understanding

  • What Is Water Footprint?
  • Origin of Virtual Water?
  • Green, Grey and Blue Water
  • Context setting: United Nations Sustainable Development Goal -UN SDG #6

Day 2. Water Footprint Assessment

  • How Is Water Connected to Food, Energy and Household Goods?
  • Water Footprint Calculation Methods
  • Units of Measurement
  • Water Footprint of Other Stuff (Products, Business, Nation)

Day 3. Eating ourselves dry

  • What the World Eats?
  • Water Footprint of My Diet
  • Human Consumption Habits and Groundwater Depletion

Day 4. Water and Carbon Footprint

  • Scope, Concepts and Methodologies
  • Sustainability

Day 5. Water, Nature and Us

  • Value of Rainwater – How We Have Come to Take It for Granted, And How We Can Not Afford to Do So Any More.
  • Changing production and consumption patterns – Reduction of Water Footprint?
  • Change Collective Water Footprint
  • Water neutrality
  • What You Can Do?
  • The Water Footprint of Humanity


Ms. Janaki Sabesh

A story-teller, writer, actor, voice-over artist.

She creates a unique blend of narration, music, drama and movement, in her sessions.

She is a graduate in Political Science from Lady Sriram College, Delhi, with a Masters in Mass Communication, from Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi. She has more than 20 years of experience in the creative and marketing domain.

Janaki Sabesh believes: “A story told from the heart will always win more hearts.” She will help us in telling the story of water footprint to children. Knowledge is best imparted in a story.

Mr E Nandakumar

CEO, International Centre for Clean Water (ICCW).

He makes the translation into business a reality with his team leadership.  He is a systems thinker and passionate about combining technology with people participation to provide affordable solutions to industry and communities, With his rich experience of over 30 years.

Mr Anshul Jain

Head, Danish Water Forum in Asia Pacific region.

Anshul Jain is a trained economist, specializing in developmental economics. He has worked with the governments of Japan, Iceland and Denmark. He has more than 20 years work experience in International environment and trade.  Anshul is an alumnus of Delhi University, IIM Ahmedabad, Copenhagen Business School.

Mr Sripati Cowlagi

Expert Engineer, ICCW.

He is a water professional, with over 25 years of experience on field, working in clean water and wastewater management across the industry, community, municipal, and domestic sectors towards improving water-use efficiency.

Dr Ramya J Dwivedi

Senior Scientist, ICCW

Ramya is a PhD from CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Pune. She worked as an Assistant Professor at the Nanotechnology research Centre, at SRM University, where she taught ‘Physics in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.’ She was awarded the prestigious CSIR Nehru Science Post-Doctoral Fellow in the field of Nanosciences. She is also a science writer; her interests cover interdisciplinary sciences.

Mr Umang Khanna

Mr Umang Khanna is a Project Engineer. He is a Civil engineer, who plans to create an impact in the lives of people through water study and management. He is passionate about environmental sciences.


Is daily attendance compulsory?

The child needs to attend all the classes regularly to clearly understand the concept. It is interactive, with Q&A session. The students need to login 5-10 mins before the start of the class.

What is the nature of assignments?

Exciting projects, storytelling, knowledge clips/movies, online exercises, exploring professional terminologies, multiple choice questions will be part of the course. The nature of the assignment will depend on the faculty and the subject. The children will be expected to engage in the assignments daily, involving thinking, planning, and learning.

How does the child get the certificate of achievement?

To earn the Certificate of Achievement, the child needs to complete each of the required assignments—these can be quizzes, writing or reading assignments, small projects. References, readings, and practice exercises are there to help the child prepare for the assignments.

How does the child do the internship?

All the students have to undergo a mandatory internship at various ongoing projects at IIT ICCW and DWF. Due to the current pandemic situation, the engagement of the students with their project mentor will be online.


Registration Fee: INR 9000 + GST per participant.



Oct 19-24, 2020, 5.30-6.30 PM IST

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